How to Market Yourself as a Lawyer

Believe it or not, attorneys are some of the best salespeople around. Every day they have to sell their version of the case, their argument, and their services. A good attorney should not be intimidated by marketing, although the intricacies can feel overwhelming. This article gives some general advice on building a good marketing strategy.

In my early days as a baby lawyer, I worked for one of the most successful lawyers in the area. She spent absolutely no money on advertising or marketing but still had a new client hire her nearly every day. What was her secret? “Work your butt off and people will hear about it.” While that advice is still relevant, and word of mouth is a great strategy, it is a bit analog for this digital world.

Today’s lawyers have new challenges – and opportunities – when it comes to marketing their skills.

Old School is Okay…

Sometimes the best way to market yourself is still through other people. Remember that every opportunity in your life is a marketing opportunity – even in the courtroom. If you prepare and present yourself professionally, other lawyers, judges and even other potential clients in the courtroom will take note. It sounds old-fashioned, but you need to look the part: wear a suit and a watch, look tidy, and always keep business cards handy. You never know who you will impress with your professionalism and competence.

To that end, attending networking events with other, non-lawyers can be very effective in expanding your clientele. Most large cities will have ‘young professional’ groups, or niche foundations that focus on women in business. Look out for conventions with other individuals in the construction/finance/restaurant/etc. industry or even groups focused on charitable actions in the community. Meeting new people with similar interests means greater exposure for you as a person, and potentially as a professional.

…But New School Can be Far More Effective

Websites and social media pages are one of the first places new clients will go when deciding whether to hire someone. Your website will not need to be fancy, but it will need to be professional and easy to navigate. If you are able to develop new content on your site regularly, such as with a blog, it will help drive traffic to your site. This is especially true if you understand how to utilize SEO optimization, meaning it appears in search engine results with greater frequency.

Of course, a social media page is a great way to interact with potential clients. Instagram can capitalize on your creative side and reach an entirely new segment of the market that traditional methods may not penetrate. Using LinkedIn can help you expand your professional contacts, which is particularly helpful if you are involved in freelance work, or if you rely on significant referrals.

Regardless, utilizing the Internet can be one of the most affordable ways to market your practice. Most web pages can be built and hosted for a few hundred dollars, and of course, social media pages are free. You can also buy ads on various social media pages for a few hundred dollars.

Billboards and TV commercials can be impressive, but they can also be cheesy and expensive. Having a digital brand is easy to create, develop and control as your practice grows. It is interactive, meaning potential clients will know how to reach you easily – they can even send you a private message to inquire about a consultation.

Another benefit of digital technology in your marketing strategy means it is relatively easy to monitor. You will be able to know how many people click on your webpage, how many people click through to articles you post on your Twitter feed or Facebook, and unique visitors to your webpage every day. By understanding these statistics, you can use this knowledge to find out what is effective, what isn’t, and ultimately, how to command a great audience online. can help you incorporate all of your online platforms into one convenient location for clients to access, from your website to your Instagram page.

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