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Car Accident Law Attorneys

Personal Injury Claims · Negligence and Liability · Insurance Claims and Coverage · Comparative Fault · Property Damage Claims · Medical Expenses and Treatment Compensation · Wrongful Death Claims · Hit and Run Accidents · Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Claims · Evidence Collection and Preservation · Negotiation with Insurance Companies · Accident Reconstruction · Lawsuits for Severe Injuries · Statute of Limitations for Filing Claims · Compensation for Pain and Suffering

Elder Law Attorneys

Estate Planning · Wills and Trusts · Guardianship and Conservatorship · Medicaid and Long-Term Care Planning · Social Security and Retirement Benefits · Age Discrimination · Elder Abuse Prevention · Advance Healthcare Directives · End-of-Life Decision Making

Entertainment Law Attorneys

Contract Negotiation · Intellectual Property Protection · Copyright and Trademark · Film and Television Production · Music Industry Agreements · Licensing and Royalties · Talent Representation · Privacy and Defamation for Public Figures · Contract Disputes · Media Distribution

International Law Attorneys

Treaty and Agreement Negotiation · Diplomatic Immunity · Human Rights Law · International Humanitarian Law · International Trade and Commerce · Law of the Sea · Dispute Resolution and Arbitration · State Sovereignty · International Environmental Law · Global Health Regulations · Space Law

Traffic Tickets Law Attorneys

Traffic Violations Defense · Speeding Tickets · Reckless Driving Charges · DUI/DWI Defense · Red Light Camera Violations · License Suspension Appeals · Traffic Court Proceedings · Points and Penalties · Traffic School Options · Hit and Run Defense · Radar and Speeding Laws · Improper Lane Change and Other Infractions

Wills and Trusts Law Attorneys

Estate Planning · Last Will and Testament · Living Trusts · Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts · Testamentary Trusts · Trust Administration · Probate Process · Inheritance Tax Planning · Asset Distribution · Beneficiary Designations · Power of Attorney · Advance Healthcare Directives · Guardianship Designations · Living Wills · Trust Funding · Trustee Responsibilities · Estate Tax Planning
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