Mykola Vdovychenko

Bratislava, Slovakia

Business & Corporate Law
Civil Rights Law
Immigration Law
Intellectual Property Law
International Law
Securities Law
Tax Law
Transnational Law
Being an in-house counsel and certified Data Protection Officer in an international financial company, I am also a mediator (mediation/ADR practitioner) and general law practice lawyer with a strong focus on information technology (IT); intellectual property (IP); cyber/digital (including blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium, Ripple, Dash etc.), legal supervision and support of ICO); personal data protection (including the GDPR and several local data protection acts in the most important jurisdictions); commercial (in particular E-commerce), corporate, contract, international taxation and financial law as well as compliance, employment, and migration law especially in the EU.

I have 5+ years of experience in legal practice and compliance (KYC/AML/CFT, data protection, antitrust) with deep knowledge of relevant European Union regulations and legal acts, as well as legal acts of separate member countries such as Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Moreover, I have good knowledge of laws and legal regulations in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, where I participated as an external legal expert during several projects sponsored by the EU.

I am also a certified mediator in Slovakia, with 3+ years of alternative disputes resolution (ADR) on the national and international level. Supported several ICANN domain names disputes (both on complainant's and defendant's side), completed a lot of DMCA takedowns and resolves issues related to the GDPR, CAN-SPAM Act, AML/CFT legislation in the EU and worldwide, provided legal advice to ICO projects, cryptocurrency brokers. drafted a lot of agreements of different kinds, Terms and Conditions of Use, Privacy Policies, Disclaimers etc. Have extensive knowledge of "tax haven" (offshore) jurisdictions. Consulted many clients in regards to IP issues such as copyright, trademarks, designs and patents registration; and realization of franchising projects. Helped a lot of start-ups to successfully begin their business (including both for-profit and non-profit projects).

Therefore, I can provide you with qualified consultation regarding your questions in most of the fields of law and prepare well-suited documentation for your projects.

Nevertheless, if I come to a conclusion that I cannot adequately consult you on some specific matters or complete your tasks promptly and with due quality, I will offer you to contact another professional in a relevant field or I will directly refer you to one of my colleagues if you wish so.

I am always opened to new opportunities and propositions to help my clients in the most positive way. Look forward to hearing from you if you find my profile interesting.

I am usually available 24/7 for my clients and will do my best until they are completely happy with my services.
Ukrainian, Native
Russian, Native
English, Advanced
Slovak, Advanced
Czech, Advanced
French, Intermediate
German, Beginner