Deans & Lyons

At Deans & Lyons, LLP, you will find a team of results-driven professionals who will demonstrate a mastery of the law and facts for every client on every matter. Our approach to litigation includes treating our clients with the respect and dignity they deserve, customization of our representation to the needs and goals of our clients, and being responsive and attentive to those needs and goals.

Many lawyers today rarely see the inside of a courtroom, are uncomfortable cross-examining hostile witnesses, or are simply inexperienced presenting the truth to a skeptical judge, jury, or arbitrator. Deans & Lyons, LLP has a proven track record in litigation when it matters most and when the stakes are highest.

Our attorneys have a broad and diverse background of real world experience in the courtroom across an expansive range of practice areas and industries.

Regardless of the practice area or industry, we are effective because our strategy is simple: We provide aggressive, efficient representation using tenacity and innovation that is custom-tailored to achieve the best results possible for our clients.