Dvorak Law Offices, LLC

Dvorak Law Offices, LLC stands as a distinguished civil rights firm, securing millions in settlements and verdicts for clients. Notably, they've obtained crucial "not guilty" verdicts in severe criminal cases, even reversing convictions on appeal.

While most civil rights firms shy away from criminal defense matters, Dvorak Law Offices handles both realms with exceptional proficiency and dedication. This sets them apart in their pursuit of legal excellence.

Conversely, typical criminal defense firms often steer clear of civil rights cases, preferring to refer them elsewhere. Additionally, they usually confine their practice to state-level criminal cases at the trial court. Yet, criminal cases seldom prove straightforward. Richard Dvorak, the principal attorney, brings a wealth of experience, successfully defending a diverse range of cases, from minor infractions to felonies, including high-profile murder cases and Supreme Court appeals.

Dvorak Law Offices, LLC extends a comprehensive range of criminal defense services, encompassing criminal appeals and ancillary civil rights cases. Under Richard Dvorak's leadership, the firm offers unparalleled expertise, honed skills, and a proven record in safeguarding clients' rights at any juncture of the legal process.