Haris & Associates

Haris and Associates has a team of experienced Thai lawyers who have extensive knowledge and familiarity with western practice. In the same token, Haris and Associates’ top notch local Thai lawyers boast of deep understanding, familiarity and knowledge of Thai laws including local culture and sensitivities which can have a lot of bearing in certain cases.

Phuket has a wealth of law firms and lawyers that it’s easy to find one, online and offline. What could be a challenge is finding a law firm and a lawyer who is reliable and trustworthy. More importantly, the challenge includes finding a law firm that is easily accessible right in the heart of the beautiful and populous Phuket. And these are what Haris and Associates exactly offer. A Phuket lawyer from Haris and Associates is recognized for his commitment to providing a tailored and personalized service with specialization in all areas of business and pertinent laws implemented and currently in effect in Phuket, Thailand.