Miguel Palmeiro

The Law Office of Miguel Palmeiro, LLC is a law firm dedicated to litigating cases based off of Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Car Crashes, Wrongful Death, and Immigration.

We focus on helping individuals who have suffered personal injury, including brain injury or death from motor vehicle, truck and tractor-trailer collisions, train and mass transit collisions, medical malpractice, group home and nursing home abuse and negligence, and unsafe premises.

Since 2006 when Mr. Palmeiro entered law school he became involved in trial advocacy classes and civil litigation, such as being a member of the Maryland Mock Trial Team.

Upon graduation in 2009 he began litigating cases. From there the cases grew in risk, complication, and reward. One case settled recently for the maximum insurance policy of $750,000.00 without needing to put my clients at risk and delay (or cost) of going forward in the Circuit Court.

Palmeiro's command of civil procedure and litigation is complemented by his courtrooms skills, honed by years litigating cases and now working on larger cases.

The office has staff that is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English.

Above all, his firm takes great pride in their longstanding commitment to the community and providing a voice to those that are hurt / injured / disadvantaged and cannot speak for themselves.