Ziliak Law

The attorneys at Ziliak Law demonstrate a genuine concern for businesses. They seek out lawyers who possess a deep understanding of their clients' respective industries. The team invests time in familiarizing themselves with the clients' processes, plans, and concerns, not limiting their focus solely to legal matters.

Ziliak Law, originating from its roots in the trading sector, has evolved into a firm offering a diverse array of legal services tailored to businesses and entrepreneurs. With a presence in 32 U.S. states and 28 countries (and still expanding), the firm aids creative individuals in the process of commercializing their creations and safeguarding their intellectual property. They also assist financial professionals in launching funds that trade a wide spectrum of traditional and digital assets, and provide support to business ventures in areas like fundraising and litigation. Whenever their clients have legal inquiries, Ziliak Law delivers solutions shaped by their extensive experience in both the legal and operational aspects of their respective industries.