Danielle Prado

Angleton, TX

Family & Divorce Law
Licensed in Texas. Specializes in family law and civil litigation. After practicing in a traditional setting for 3 years, I started my own freelance business to enable me to travel with my husband and mischievous dog. Now, I write, research and help support small practices with their advanced legal needs across the country and around the world. I contribute regularly to legal blogs and develop unique content for practices. Contact me today for your legal research, writing and legal coaching needs.

I am an attorney who is licensed in the State of Texas and has practiced for over 5 years. I am well-versed with the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, Evidence and the Texas Family Code, and am very well-acquainted with the rules of discovery, objections therein, and the scope of discovery.

I contribute my research and writing skills regularly to various legal companies by drafting entertaining and informative articles aimed at pro se litigants who need a basic understanding of our legal system.

I have also assisted several solo practitioners in drafting what can be complex motions that require thorough research when they just cannot find the time to do it themselves. I have access to Westlaw, and am deadline-driven. While my expertise lies primarily in family law, I have also helped draft contracts, lease agreements, terms and conditions and advised people on their rights as a criminal defendant.

I served as the sole appellate attorney at my previous law firm, and did the bulk of legal research, writing, and small motions practice for my firm. I practiced primarily family law in the state of Texas since graduating cum laude from the Louisiana State University school of law. I also have a Bachelor's Degree in English and political science from the University of Texas at Austin.

I now run my own freelance business, enabling me to travel, develop my hobbies, and spend time with my family (and naughty dog).
English, Native